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Sofon provides software based Quote-to-cash and CPQ solutions for companies with customer specific products and services

Sofon Guided Solutions

(2) Erzielen Sie gute Resultate durch bessere Wiederholbarkeit und Skalierbarkeit

Unsere softwarebasierte Lösung ist für Ihre Produkte, Prozesse und Mitarbeiter konzipiert, implementiert und integriert. Informieren Sie sich über unsere Lösungen.

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Sofon helps companies to achieve growth, cost reduction and quality improvements.

With software based solutions which fit with their own IT systems, we make complex processes repeatable and the operation scalable. This allows companies to realize standardization, guaranteed, consistent quality and the ability to do much more with the same capacity. The step to operational excellence.

Realize results by establishing more repeatability and scalability

Our software based solution is designed, implemented and integrated for your products, processes and people. Click here for more information. If you are interested which industries especially benefit from our solutions, please click here. An overview of the benefits and our customers can be found here.

How Sofon works



Ensure more revenue and margin, expand to new areas.

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Cost reduction


Reduce the costs of product management, costs of sales and costs of production and delivery

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Quality improvement


Provide more product quality and service to customers.

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