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logo proposal organizerSofon Proposal Organizer is the module used to quickly and easily  generate complete and error-free quotations, orders, contracts, and other sales documents. Sofon Proposal Organizer supports needs analysis, product selection, sales and product configuration, calculation, pricing, visualization, bill-of-material and routing generation, document generation, and quotation reports. Sofon Proposal Organizer also supports the proper completion of the quotation process with the help of aspects such as version management and authorization.

logo sales organizerSofon Sales Organizer offers all the functionality that you would expect from a robust CRM system for customer-order-oriented companies. A unique characteristic of Sofon Sales Organizer is the ability to support more complex and customer-specific screen handling with Sofon models, such as lead qualification, opportunity analysis, or the handling of service calls based on a call script. Are you already using a CRM system, or do you have a preference for another CRM system? If so, then the other Sofon modules can easily be integrated with your system of choice and Sofon Sales Organizer is not applicable.

logo concept designerSofon Concept Designer enables users to draw a diagram using objects that, together, form a working solution. The objects selected can then be configured separately or interlinked in Sofon Proposal Organizer.


logo rfp organizerSofon RFP Calculator is a Proposal Organizer extension for handling Requests For Proposal (RFPs). This relates to monitoring of deadlines, sharing of tasks, matching of requirements with available items, configuring of available items, calculation, margin monitoring, responding to questions and generation of the quotation document.

logo resource estimatorSofon Resource Estimator provides you at a glance box charts, bar charts and graphs that represent your resources, workload and financial feasibility of a project. With this information you can create detailed analyses for your project. On the timeline you will see what actions you should take per defined milestone. Based on this data you can now create a feasible quote with the Sofon Proposal Organizer. Other CRM and ERP systems such as SAP, fit in well within this solution.

logo qisSofon QIS is well suited for internationally-oriented companies, who sell not only through their own sales force but also through a network of resellers or agents. An important issue is how to enable resellers to independently offer and sell solutions.  QIS makes it possible to make knowledge and commercial information about solutions available to resellers in such a way that they can independently and quickly produce error-free and complete quotations. This will save you, and your resellers, a lot of cycle time and effort.

logo approval portalSofon Approval Portal offers advanced functions for authorizing quotations and orders based on pre-defined financial, commercial, or technical rules. Sofon Proposal Organizer offers basic functions for authorization. Sofon Approval Portal is relevant for instances involving authorization by multiple individuals, even on multiple levels. Moreover Sofon Approval Portal offers functionality such as authorization reporting and deadline monitoring.

logo sales configuratorSofon Sales Configurator offers a subset of the functions of Sofon Proposal Organizer. Sofon Sales Configurator is utilized as an add-on for ERP or CRM systems. In addition, Sofon Web Sales Configurator is a powerful configurator and quotation generator in a website or portal. This way you offer your dealers or customers the option to generate quotations and orders themselves that can, if desired, be processed by your ERP or CRM system. The interface of Sofon Web Sales Configurator can be modified to match the look and feel of your website or portal on a customer-specific basis. If you do not possess your own dealer or customer portal, Sofon will set one up for you.

logo studioSofon Studio is the management module for all of the information used in the other Sofon modules. This information – which includes prices, texts, illustrations, and configuration, calculation, visualization, and authorization rules – are stored in Sofon models in a convenient manner. The Sofon models determine how the Sofon software functions in your specific situation. The models in Sofon Studio are maintained by your own business experts.

logo epalSofon Enterprise Product And Lifecycle Manager is a solution for managing products produced in different factories and offered in various markets with localizations by means of a direct and indirect sales channel.


logo connectSofon Connect handles the integration of Sofon Guided Solutions with other software, such as ERP, CRM, CAD, and PDM. There are Connectors available for a large number of packages. Combined with Sofon Connect, these Connectors form the basis for a strong link with your existing software.